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  • Justin Honey

Life Insurance: To buy or not to buy?

Many of you may have wondered at one time or another if life insurance was valuable enough to consider purchasing.  Some may think of life insurance just for final expenses, others perceive life insurance as a get-rich-quick opportunity for the surviving spouse.

If you're in a two-earner household it's easy to see how the loss of the other earned income could impact your family.  However, what if you're in a one-earner family?  Do you really need life insurance on the spouse that doesn't earn a monetary income?  My first answer is Yes!

The stay-at-home spouse, while maybe not earning a monetary income, is definitely providing a significant value to the the household budget... things that would take money to replace if that person were deceased.

Some costs to consider replacing should your spouse pass away unexpectedly:

* Final expenses (burial and funeral costs)

* Final debts and medical bills

* Childcare costs (average cost is $211/week/child, over $10,000/year - think of the # of years you might need to pay for childcare should your spouse die suddenly.)

* Education costs (what new expenses would you have that might deter you from saving enough for your children's future college education?)

* Housekeeping and home maintenance costs

* Private school costs (this is more applicable if your child is currently home-schooled with private school being the alternative)

* After-school care (even if your child is in public school, you may have to consider after school care if you're still at work when school lets out)

Absolute Integrity offers a variety of Life Insurance plans.  We generally recommend 8-10x your Annual Income in total life insurance benefits on the life of household income earners.  In addition, however, we also recommend a policy on the life of the non-income earner. 

Our life insurance experts can help guide you thru the process of determining the right amount of life insurance needed to protect your family.

You can call us at 317-883-1316 or text us at 317-316-9260 to ask about a free life insurance consultation.

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