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Our History

by Justin Honey (Agency Owner)

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In 2003, I began my journey into insurance offering life insurance exclusively thru a provider in downtown Indianapolis.  During these first couple years, I worked on obtaining the education necessary to not only expand in to Property & Casualty Insurance but also to start my own business.

In 2005, I took that risk as an entrepreneur and started by insurance agency under the franchised business, Brooke Insurance & Financial Services. 

Under Brooke Insurance we offered mostly just personal automobile, renters, and homeowners insurance to our clients.


In 2008, I made the business decision to part ways with Brooke Insurance & Financial and operate completely independent.  This allowed me the flexibility to expand in to more product lines and serve our clients better.


My main goal was to provide world class service and to combine easy accessibility with expert advice in to one package.  There are plenty of online insurance providers that make the process of purchasing insurance quick and easy, but lack the personal advice and expertise to help guide the client thru all of the coverage choices available.

I wanted to combine the best of both worlds, so I've made it my mission to make our business accessible to those who wanted face-to-face interaction, online interaction, phone interaction, or even texting & email interaction.  Regardless of how you want to reach us, we thoroughly analyze our client's exposures and recommend plans that protect you from your specific risks in life.

I relocated during this time to the Greenwood Office Suites building and continued growing our business.  I began expanding into insuring businesses and entrepreneurs like myself.. ensuring that even in a disaster, your business can continue operations.

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In 2014, I was ready to expand and began hiring Service and Sales staff so that we could continue growing the business to be able to help more clients.

I moved to a small office space to house our additional staff. 

At this time we began partnering with local charitable organizations (including the American Cancer Society, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, and other organizations) to contribute a portion of profits for every person or business getting a quote from us. 


Over the last few years, we've fine-tuned our service operations and invested in platforms to make doing business with us easy.  With fewer hoops to go thru and less red tape, we've simplified the process of obtaining superior insurance coverage coupled with expert advice and a dedicated Agent managing your account.

For every client referral, we donate to a charity (on rotation).  Doing business with Absolute Integrity is not just about great coverage, expert advice, and easy access... but your business with us helps us to support social causes. 


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