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Absolute Integrity Insurance provides an industry-leading coverage package that provides coverage for your home, automobiles, personal liability, and toys (such as any motorcycles, boats, RV's, snowmobiles, or trailers that you own).

We all want a great rate for our insurance, however, at Absolute Integrity we go a step further to ensure adequate coverage and protection.  Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we've thoroughly analyzed their coverage needs and have put together a custom policy that will do what it is supposed to do in the event of a claim.

Our staff is trained to look at what the policy will do if there is a claim, and not what can we do to the policy to make it the "cheapest in town". 

The fact is, we usually are not the "cheapest in town", but we are the agency that can confidently describe your coverages and options and provide you with the best package that meets your needs.

No one wants to have water drowning their basement contents only to find that it is not covered by many of our competitors policies.

No one wants to have the pipes in their rental home burst only to find out that the water damage is not covered by many of our competitors policies.

These are the conversations we have with our prospective customers.

1.  We start with a thorough analysis of your coverage options and coverage gaps.

2.  We put together a proposal for coverage based upon your coverage needs (not simply beating a price).

3.  We then are available to get to know you more and be a resource and educator for you, regardless of if you make a purchase of not.

Our philosophy has always been that if your current agent has done a "bad job", we aren't doing you any justice simply "matching" your current coverage or providing an "apples to apples" comparison if the coverages and limits are not adequate to protect you.

Our normal coverage package will generally include* the following coverages and limits:

1.  Automobile Liability:  we generally recommend that you carry a minimum of $250,000 per Person for bodily injury, with up to $500,000 per Accident for bodily injuries.  This assures better protection in the event of a major crash, better protecting your assets and future wages.

2.  Home Liability:  we generally recommend that you carry a $500,000 or greater Personal Liability limit on your Home or Renters or Condo insurance policy.  This provides protection for claims made against you for bodily injuries or property damages anywhere in the world.

3.  Personal Injury Protection:  we generally include Personal Injury coverage that is included within your Personal Liability limit.  Personal Injury includes coverage for claims made against you for libel, slander, wrongful eviction, and invasion of privacy.  This can include any legal exposure that you have for posts that you or minor household residents place on social media websites.

4.  Full Replacement Cost:  we put together a comprehensive replacement cost coverage analysis of your home before we provide a quote.  This ensures that we are providing the right amount of coverage for full replacement cost so you aren't having to downsize your home after a large loss.

5.  Basement Water Backup of Sewer & Drains / Sump Pump Overflow:  for our customers with basements, we generally always recommend that you carry water backup coverage.  This provides coverage if the sump pump fails or if water backs up through the sewage or drainage system.  This coverage is also available if your home is built on a slab or crawl space.

* These coverages and limits only serve as a general guideline.  Your specific policy and limits may differ from these.  Please refer to your specific quote and/or policy for actual limits and coverage provided. 

Other coverage features and options**:

Single Deductible - Many of our partner companies also provide a waiver of your deductible if you have a claim from a single incident that effects both your home and vehicles (i.e. only the highest deductible would apply, not a separate deductible for both home and automobiles).

Combined Billing - If you have your home and auto insurance with us, in many cases we can combine your bill so you have one easy to understand bill for all of your policies with us.  If your home is billed to a mortgage company, we can make that happen as well!

Collectibles & Valuable Items - If you own jewelry, firearms, or other valuables let us know and we can ensure proper agreed value cost coverage for these specially valued items.

Paperless Policy - Some of our partner companies do offer paperless policies, giving you the option to print off your auto ID cards, and retain the rest of your policy documents electronically.  This saves trees and in some cases even saves money on your policy!

** These coverage features are not available with all of our partner companies, and are generally only available when both auto and home insurance is placed with us through the same company.  Please refer to your quote, policy, or ask us if these coverage features apply.

If you don't have insurance with us and are interested in learning more, please call us or request quotes through one of the Quote buttons at the top of the page!

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